August, 1954

John Deere Service Bulletins

No. 218

John Deere Model "40" Utility Tractors

To prevent obstacles from damaging the grille structure, a heavy-duty grille guard is now available for field installation on all Model "40" Utility Tractors. The grille guard is identical to the grille guard available for Model "40" Crawler Tractors, in that it is manufactured from perforated 1/4-inch steel plate and mounted on the tractor in such manner that ample protection is provided for the grille front and sides.

The grille guard assembly mounts directly to the "40" Utility Tractor front end support; a special front bumper is not required.

When the grille guard is attached to a tractor equipped with lights, it is necessary to relocate the front light assemblies. For this purpose, protective light guards are provided which can be attached to either the top or sides of the grille guard.

AM2332T Inner Front Weight and AM2333T Outer Front Weight cannot be attached to Model "40" Utility Tractors equipped with grille guard assemblies. If additional front weight is required, a special front weight, weighing approximately 70 pounds, is available. The amount of weight added to the front end of the "40" Utility Tractors by the grille guard assembly eliminates the need for a second front end weight.

These assemblies, which are available for field installation only, should be ordered as follows: