August, 1954

John Deere Service Bulletins

No. 218

John Deere Model "40" Series Tractors

Lift levers on Model "40" Series Tractors have been changed to permit easier selection of transmission gears and to prevent overshifting. The use of the new shift levers in regular production was effective with Serial Nos. 40-75146, 4OS-68869, 4OC-66000 and 4OU-62698. As illustrated in Figure 39A, the new shift levers on Models "40" Tricycle, "40" Standard, and "40" Utility Tractors are straight and shorter than the type previously provided. This change will permit easier selection of transmission gears. Shift levers on Model "40" Crawler Tractors will retain their bent shape, because a straight lever would interfere with operation of steering clutch levers.

Figure 39AShift levers on all Model "40" Series Tractors will be equipped with a removable shift lever knob. The knob is identical to that used on Touch-o-matic hydraulic control levers.

Overshifting is a condition whereby movement of the shift lever causes a transmission sliding gear to travel past neutral position and become engaged in gear while the shift lever remains in neutral position. When this occurs, the operator cannot shift the transmission until shift lever or transmission cover is removed and sliding gear returned to neutral position. To prevent overshifting, the bottom end of shift lever has been changed to a barrel-shaped design which will maintain necessary alignment of slots in shifter forks.

The new shift levers can be installed on Model "40" Series Tractors in the field to correct complaints arising because of overshifting or difficulty in locating transmission gears.

To obtain new style shift levers, order the following as replacement parts:

It will also be necessary to order one M526T Lever Knob for each of the above shift lever assemblies.