June, 1954

John Deere Service Bulletins

No. 216

John Deere Model "40" Crawler Tractors

The use of M878T studs in steering clutch housings on Model "40" Crawler Tractors was discontinued with Serial No. 4OC-64915. These studs were replaced by M2560T high strength cap screws, in order to reduce failure of side frame attaching fasteners. In the event failure should occur, it will be much simpler to replace a cap screw than a stud.

The four drilled and tapped holes for the studs have been changed to reamed holes to provide a close fit with cap screws. Spot facing has been added to bosses about the reamed holes to provide a flat seat for cap screw heads.

In order to prevent increasing inventories, the AM1936T steering clutch housing, as shown in Parts Catalog PC-299-(9-53), will no longer be furnished. The AM2361T housing, which is now furnished, will fit all Model "40" Crawler Tractors, beginning with Serial No. 60001. The new housing includes the following parts:

Figure 34AThe four holes are provided in the AM2361T housing for interchangeability between left and right sides of the tractor. No hardware is furnished for lower rear hole in housing (Figure 34A). If an implement requiring the use of this hole is mounted on tractor, the attaching hardware will be considered as part of the implement assembly.

NOTE: M375T nuts must be tightened to 80-90 foot-pounds torque when side frame is attached to housing. Your predelivery service on Model "40" Crawlers should include checking these nuts to make sure they are properly tightened.