June, 1954

John Deere Service Bulletins

No. 216

John Deere Model "40" Standard Tractors

The correct use of the M1848T and M1849T left and right load link stops is explained in the Model "40" Standard Tractor Operator's Manual. In spite of this, some operators have caused damage to their tractors by improper use of these stops. Be sure to emphasize to tractor owners the importance of using the stops only for the purpose intended.

Figure 33AFigure 33BLoad link stops must never be used in the downward or stop position (Figure 33A) when an implement is mounted on the 3-point hitch. They must not be used to limit side sway of the implement or to avoid changing tractor rear wheel treads to the proper setting. To do so will result in damage to load links, load link mounts, or other parts. Therefore, when an implement is mounted on the tractor, the operator must make sure the load link stops are in the upward or unlocked position (Figure 33B).

The load link stops are to be used in the downward or stop position only when there is no implement mounted on 3-point hitch and load links are swinging free. This prevents load links from swinging into tires and causing damage.