November, 1953

John Deere Service Bulletins

No. 209


To provide more reserve lifting capacity for emergencies, we have raised relief valve pressure settings on Model "40" Series Touch-o-matic systems from 900-950 p.s.i. to 1040-1080 p.s.i. The change was effective with the following Serial Numbers: Model "40" Tricycle - 40-71849; Model "40" Standard - 40S-67076.

If necessary, this change can be made on all Model "40" Tricycle and Model "40" Standard Tractors, starting with No. 60001. The normal allowable working pressure of 800 p.s.i. has not been -changed.

On the Model "40" Crawler Tractor, effective with Serial No. 4OC-62060, the hydraulic system relief valve pressure setting was increased from 830-870 p.s.i. to 900-950 p.s.i. Also, the normal allowable working pressure was increased from 700 p.s.i. to 800 p.s.i. Settings can be changed accordingly on all Model "40" Crawler Tractors beginning with Serial No. 4OC-60001, if conditions warrant.

Please make the necessary corrections on page 23, John Deere Service Bulletin No. 201, in the article "Tractor Hydraulic Pump Capacities."