December, 1954

John Deere Service Bulletins

No. 222


Hydraulic control attachments are now available for use with remote hydraulic cylinders in conjunction with Touch-o-matic units on Model "40" Series Wheel-Type Tractors. These attachments provide for hydraulically controlled operation of many towed and integral implements which are not adaptable to the rockshaft type system.

Figure 65A Figure 65B

The control valve assembly and related parts mount just to the left of the Touch-o-matic unit, while the control lever extends across the front of the Touch-o-matic unit to an easily accessible position near the Touch-o-matic control levers (Figure 65A). The breakaway coupling mounts, on rear of tractor, as shown in Figure 65B, on the right side of "40" Tricycle. On other "40" Series Wheel-Type Tractors the coupling mounts on the left side.

Figure 65B also shows the remote cylinder and flexible oil lines as they appear when installed on a Model "40" Tricycle-Type Tractor.

These attachments may be ordered as factory installed or for field installation. For field installation on Model "40" Series Wheel Type Tractors, order as follows:

To obtain remote cylinder and flexible oil lines for the field installation attachments, order AM243ST Remote Hydraulic Cylinder and Flexible Oil Lines.