November, 1954

John Deere Service Bulletins

No. 221

John Deere Model "40" Utility Tractors

Figure 59CThe AM2397T Sway Chain Front Anchor Attachment is now available for use on Model "40" Utility Tractors, Serial No. 60001 through 62733. This attachment is designed for use with the three-point hitch system when the power take-off attachment is being used and the draft links are in the outer trunnion position (Figure 59C).

The AM2397T attachment consists of an M2574T sway chain front anchor and the attaching hardware. It bolts into position on the drawbar frame as shown in Figure 59C.

CAUTION: When using an integral mounted implement on the tractor while the power shaft attachment is installed, make sure there is no interference between the implement and power shaft attachment during the entire raising and lowering cycle of the Touch-o-matic system.