September, 1953

John Deere Service Bulletins

No. 207


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Installing rear breakaway coupling and Selector Valve Assembly.

Figure 67A1. Rotate coupling release lever (on right-hand side of valve housing) 1/4 turn. Remove oil line plug from upper oil line coupling hole in Powr-Trol valve housing and insert selector valve assembly in its place (Figure 67A).

Rotate the valve in the coupling hole and at the same time apply a slight pressure by turning the release lever. When the detent pawl locks in the drilled hole in the valve body, return release lever to its locked position. CAUTION: Release lever handle must be turned to the top to prevent damage.

Figure 67B2. Remove the two 3/4-inch pipe plugs from right-hand side of Powr-Trol valve housing and screw the two 90-degree unions into the 3/14-inch holes (Figure 67B).

Figure 67C3. Remove second from the top cap screw which attaches Powr-Trol or power lift housing to rear axle housing. Install bracket (Figure 67C) using one of the cap screws furnished with the kit. On Models "60", "70", "A", and "G" Tractors use the 7/16- x 1-1/2-inch cap screw. On Models "50" and "B" Tractors use the 3/8- x 1-1/4-inch cap screw. Install the bracket with the long leg pointing back and angling away from the tractor center line.

NOTE: On Models"60", "70", "A", "B", and "G" Tractors the bracket may be installed on either side of the Powr-Trol housing. It is recommended that it be installed on the right-hand side. On Model "50" Tractors the bracket must be installed on the left-hand side of the Powr-Trol valve housing.

Breakaway Coupling...

Figure 68A4. Attach the two 36-inch flexible oil lines to the tractor half of the breakaway coupling. Place the coupler-attaching bar on top of the bracket and insert the 7/16- x 2-3/8-inch drilled pin from the bottom. Place the spring and washer over pin in the coupling and secure it in place by the 3/16- x 1-inch cotter pin (Figure 68A).

5. Bring the other end of the two 36-inch flexible oil lines around in front of the rockshaft housing and back under the battery box to the 90-degree adapter unions (Figure 68A). Attach the lines to the unions by tightening the unions onto the hose fitting.

Instructions for Remote Cylinder Operation.

1. Remove cap from the selector valve body (Figure 67A). Turn inner valve clockwise by hand until valve seats and replace cap. NOTE: This adjustment is in addition to the normal adjustment necessary for remote cylinder operation as given in the Tractor Operator's Manual.

Figure 68B2. Attach remote cylinder lines to implement half of the breakaway coupling. Hose from fixed-stop-type remote cylinder outlet marked "L," (Figure 68B) must be attached through breakaway coupling to upper adapter union in Powr-Trol valve housing (Figure 68A).

Figure 68CHose from stop rod side of hydraulic-stop-type remote cylinder (Figure 68C) must be attached through breakaway coupling to lower adapter union in Powr-Trol valve housing (Figure 68A). Connect two halves of coupling together by exerting pressure on implement half of coupling.

Always wipe valve faces on the coupling free from dirt before the two halves are coupled together.

NOTE: On Model "G" Tractors which have 3/4-inch remote cylinder oil lines it will be necessary to use two JD166R adapter unions for connecting the flexible lines to the coupling.

Figure 68D3. To recouple under pressure:

  1. Stop engine.
  2. Move Powr-Trol lever forward to fast raise position and backward to fast drop position to relieve oil pressure on front oil line.
  3. Place two halves of coupling together, insert a screwdriver in the hole slot in the coupling body and force the implement half of coupling ahead (Figure 68D).

Instructions for Rockshaft Operation.

Figure 68E1. Disconnect remote cylinder from tractor by uncoupling the breakaway. The breakaway may be separated either by a quick pull on the hose lines which are attached to the implement or by moving the tripping trigger toward the implement (Figure 68E).

2. Remove cap from selector valve body (Figure 67A) and screw inner valve out until the inside end of the knurled section lines up with the outer end of the selector valve body. Replace cap. NOTE: This adjustment is in addition to the normal adjustments necessary for rockshaft operation as given in the Tractor Operator's Manual.