May, 1953

John Deere Service Bulletins

No. 203


In the Operator's Manual (OM-T4-1052) for the Model "40" Standard Tractor, there are several illustrations showing a rear view of the tractor. You will note that these illustrations show two power lift arm return springs, and that two springs are used with the load control yoke (Figure 33A).

Figure 33A and 33BJust prior to initial production of Model "40" Standard Tractors, it was decided to eliminate the right-hand lift arm return spring and one of the load control yoke springs (Figure 33B). When this design change was made, the Operator's Manuals were already being printed, and it was too late to make corrections. However, the necessary corrections will be incorporated in the next printing.

In the Model "40" Standard Tractor Parts Catalog, PC-311(1-53), on page 54, the load control anchor yoke and load control spring are shown as keys 5 and 6. Note that the AM1987T load control anchor yoke is different in appearance from that shown in the Operator's Manual. Also, only one M2212T load control spring is shown and only one is used. This page in the catalog is correct.

On page 74 of the catalog, two power lift arm return springs are shown (key 7), and on page 75 it is stated that two springs are used. This is not correct, as only one is necessary and only one is provided with each Model "40" Standard Tractor. Corrected pages 74 and 75 will be provided in the next catalog revision.

Remember-only one power lift arm return spring and one load control spring are used on the Model "40" Standard Tractor. Your parts man will also be interested in this information.