September, 1954

John Deere Service Bulletins

No. 219

John Deere Model "40" Utility Tractor

NOTE: To facilitate removal of the spring housing assembly from the rockshaft housing, it is recommended that the control arm be moved from the anchor yoke.

Load-and-Depth Control Anchor Yoke Adjustment

Figure 48AIf the anchor yoke and spring housing assembly has been completely disassembled, refer to Figure 48A for relative location of parts for assembling. Install special load spring adjusting nut with counterbore in nut toward spring.
Figure 48BGrasp spring and tighten adjusting nut until end play or free movement of spring is just eliminated (Figure 48B).
Figure 48CThen tighten the adjusting nut 1/4 turn (Figure 48C). Secure adjusting nut in this position with lock nut.

Check the above adjustment in the following manner:
Figure 49AClamp a steel bar to the spring housing mounting bosses as shown in Figure 49A. The measurement from the face of the mounting bosses to the center of the hole in the control arm should be 3/8- to 7/8-inch (Figure 49A). If the dimension is less than 3/8-inch, remove a shim from under the load control spring. If the dimension is more than 7/8-inch, add a shim under the load control spring. Each time a shim is added or removed, follow the adjustment procedure very carefully. Always check adjustment after adding or removing a shim.

Adjustment of Stop for Load-and-Depth Control Lock-Out Screw

Figure 49BAfter the 3/8- to 7/8-inch dimension has been established, place a 9/16-inch steel spacer block across the flat on the lockout screw head and back screw out until block just contacts the anchor yoke stop lug (Figure 49B). Spacer block must be held flat on lock-out screw head. Next, turn set screw into cover until it just contacts the lock-out screw. Lock set screw securely in this position with lock nut (Figure 49B).
Figure 49CCAUTION: When reinstalling the spring housing assembly on the rockshaft housing, it is very important that the attaching cap screws be tightened to the following torque values:

Tighten 1/2-inch cap screws to 57 to 63 ft.-lbs.
Tighten 9/16-inch cap screws to 80 to 90 ft.-lbs.

Refer to Figure 49C for location of these cap screws.

Lift Arm Maximum Raise Adjustments

After the spring housing assembly has been installed on the tractor and the control arm and ball joint linkage have been connected, check the maximum raise of the lift arms in the following manner:

Start engine and slowly pull Touch-o-matic control lever to its extreme rear position. Stop engine and check free travel of lift arms by raising them until stop in housing is reached. The free travel should be approximately 1 to 1-1/2 inches when measured at the hole in the outer end of the lift arms. The amount of free travel can be changed by altering the length of the ball joint linkage between the control arm and the equalizing lever in the Load-and-Depth Control system.